10set launch on PancakeSwap DEX

10set token will launch on PancakeSwap on the 3rd of August. The exact time we add significant liquidity to the 10SET/BNB pair will be published later in the final Pancakeswap news.

The tokens to provide the liquidity will be taken from the main Tenset address, the one that stores all company funds. These tokens will be swapped for the BEP20 10sets using our platform.

The fork to BSC network and the launch on PancakeSwap opens excellent marketing opportunities for Tenset, and we will surely make most of it. As many people use Binance Smart Chain and its native token BNB, we are already preparing aggressive marketing campaigns to reach BSC users and include them in the Tenset family.

Currently, we are completing the Smart Contract audit, done by Certik, one of the most respected auditing companies in the blockchain space. Once completed, the audit will also be posted on our website.

Tenset will also provide all necessary tools to convert tokens between the networks fast and securely, using our dedicated platform that has already been developed. The launch of the platform, and its swapping capabilities, will happen on the 4th of August, one day after the PancakeSwap.

As this will effectively be a separate launch, we are extremely excited and pumped to see how the whole community participates, together with thousands of new BSC users.

Get ready for yet another moon!