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10set token will be listed on, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

This will significantly expand opportunities for traders and new investors. Gate plans to officially list 10set with 10set/USDT trading pair on May 31st, 2021. has one of the highest possible Trust Score ratings of 10 on Coingecko, and its verified daily average volume between 2-4 billion$ puts it into the top 5 of all exchanges in the crypto space.

10set is already listed on the largest decentralized exchange – UNISWAP. Since trades on decentralized exchanges are executed on the blockchain, swaps on Uniswap can cost over $200 in the bull market. As the number of transactions on Ethereum grows, so do the transaction fees. Adding a top exchange like Gate will help Tenset reach new user bases by offering super low transaction fees, especially small-scale investors for whom Uniswap costs are unacceptable.

We are excited to be working with Gate as we look to bring fully 10set token trading to a mainstream audience. Gate is one of the most active digital asset exchanges today and has demonstrated a keen interest in the Defi sector. Adding 10set will allow Gate to explore new markets and an enthusiastic group of Tenset supporters from every corner of the world.

The combination of’s security, trading volume, and access to the top growth markets of South East Asia and China were the key factors behind Tenset decision to list 10set tokens on

Would you like to ask us questions live? We have prominent news. AMA with tenset members is scheduled for May 24th.

Soon, we plan to carry out more listings to grow further the ways individuals can trade 10set.

The Decision-making process for listing depends on the community activity area, partnership relations with the exchange, security standards, and several other factors. Please stay updated by subscribing to our official channels listed below!

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