MXC Labs investment in Tenset

The first venture capital sees the potential of Tenset 

We are excited to announce MXC Labs made a strategic investment in Tenset.

MXC Labs is the venture arm of MXC Exchange, founded to work with quality blockchain projects in the industry and help grow them to their full potential. The mission of MXC Labs is to discover industry gem projects to broaden and diversify the portfolios for their investors. 

“There’s never a shortage of projects in the crypto space, but the good ones are very rare in the bull market, so it’s always difficult for potential investors to select a high-quality and delicate project to invest in. Hopefully, some dedicating teams like Tenset keep focusing on developing high-quality solutions, introducing innovative ideas and business models, which will surely bring revolutionary change for the industry in the future. It is an honor to have Tenset in our portfolio.”

Katerine Deng – MXC Exchange VP

MXC Labs fund will focus on furthering Tenset brand recognition in the Asia-Pacific area.

Tenset will work closely with more strategic venture capitals to explore the potential of new innovative forms of investment and marketing exposure.