Rewards have started accumulating!

Tenset Infinity ♾ Airdrop is up and running! Rewards have started accumulating for those who already locked their 10set in the platform. 

Investors who have made a lock with Infinity can visit the dashboard on and view their rewards for each token. They can view the amount of tokens they are earning, and if the project is already listed and a price is available, the dollar value will be displayed too. 

The option to claim your Airdrops will be available soon. These rewards can be accumulated and then claimed, which withdraws the token from the Infinity platform to the investor’s private wallet. 

There are currently 7 active Airdrops on the Infinity platform sharing rewards with Tenset holders, but don’t worry we are not stopping there! We want to create the largest pool of Airdrops in the crypto community and reward our loyal holders who have placed their trust in us. 

The road to 100 projects is well underway! Stay tuned as we have many more projects to be announced as we continue adding new tokens each week.