Metahero and WDW officially partnering with Sony!

Massive congratulations to Rob Gryn & Mariusz Król on a groundbreaking announcement!
We are delighted to see Wolf Digital World (WDW) & Metahero announce today that they are officially partnering with Sony! Yes you read that right, one of the largest and well known technological companies in the world is partnering with Metahero! This is a huge step forward for both Metahero and crypto.
This partnership brings major legitimization to the crypto space with a massive player like Sony entering the market. At the beginning of Rob’s journey into crypto with Tenset, he explained that he wants to create a legacy and help accelerate the mass adoption of crypto, a goal that matches our own. This is a key mindset to success as purely chasing money can burn people and projects out.
We are incredibly proud to see our first gem experiencing such tremendous success. We look forward to seeing Metahero continue its rapid growth and will always share our support. With each new gem that launches in the TGLP, we will grow the Tenset ecosystem so that each project can support and benefit from each other. We all share the common goal of cryptocurrency mass adoption.
Don’t forget that we reveal the second gem in just 5 days on 15th September, and it is another gamechanger. We will only incubate significant projects with experienced and competent management, like Metahero, that provide innovative utilities that add value to the crypto market. Only those with the highest potential will be accepted into the platform.