Jonasz Miara

Founder & CEO
Blockchain entrepreneur and crypto investor since 2014. 10 years of experience in business and leadership, BBA

Michał Bajdor

CMO & Sales
Business manager & marketing specialist in several international companies. MBA Leadership

Michal Pomykala

CTO & Project Development
Blockchain developer & tokenomics expert, 3 years CTO at eloom, and former CEO at FuerteCoin

Gabriel Domanowski

Lead Developer
Software Engeneer & Developer at Wirtualna Polska group, CEO at, blockchain specialist

Aleksander Szczepaniak

Front-End Developer/Designer
Creative wizard, media designer & e-commerce expert. Has worked with large clients, such as: Allegro, Philips and Mars

Thor Matthiesen

Risk Analyst
3 years of experience as a risk analyst, mainly in foreign projects. Specialization in risk assessment in cryptocurrency and technology markets

Advisors and Ambassadors

Andrey Ovcharenko

CEO at Technical and IT support who helped us with the Smart Contract

Dalip Xhelilaj

Lawyer and blockchain legal advisor. President of the Polish-Albanian chamber of commerce

Kento Kajimoto

Crypto marketing leader, Youtuber and social media influencer. Tenset ambassador in Japan

Jaro Barnik

Specialist in Blockchain marketing. Tenset ambassador in Slovakia and Czech Republic

Frank Obinwa

Crypto enthusiast and marketing specialist. Tenset ambassador in Canada and Nigeria

Tenset Partners

  • The Albanian-Polish Chamber

Kanga Exchange

Kanga Exchange is an ecosystem of FinTech tools and services designed to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday’s life. 

The basis of its activity is the fastest growing cryptocurrency and crypto-assets exchange in Poland. It has the largest number of physical points where users can exchange the most popular cryptocurrencies for zlotys and vice versa. It allows deposits and withdraws funds in ATMs and CDMs. It also has its own token. 

Kanga Exchange together with Mosaico was chosen as a tokenization platform by Janusz Palikot and many other projects.

Allgood studio – blockchain solutions

Allgood studio blockchain solutions is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Ukraine. Since 2018, the company has been specializing in increasing security and auditing projects based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. 

Allgood studio provides a unique perspective to conduct the most secure audits and in-depth research of emerging crypto companies.

Their team includes certified cybersecurity experts (CISA, CISSP, OSCP, CSX and others).

Developers, mathematicians and code security freaks who have a solid scientific and institutional background to deliver the best security services in the blockchain sector.

Blockhunters offer security tools and perform high-quality tests from raw source code. They are well-known auditing specialists for ensuring there are no problems with Smart Contracts.

Blockhunters have an office located in Łódź, but works mostly with international clients from Europe and all over the world.

The Albanian-Polish Chamber

The Albanian-Polish Chamber of Commerce was established as an association of entrepreneurs and has been constantly developing since then. DHTISHP is an independent, self-financing “non-profit” organization, associating many Albanian and Polish companies. It is one of the most active bilateral chambers in Albani.

The Chamber is also an excellent platform for the exchange of experience and best business practices and plays an active role in contacts with state administration bodies and employers’ organizations.