Tenset app development

Completing each and every item on our Roadmap is crucial for us, and one of the tasks for Q2 is mobile app development. We’ve been very quiet about it so far, but today we want to share what we’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks.

Yes, the Tenset mobile app is coming!

In fact, we have almost completed the work, including the visual interface, the details of functionality, and even coding.
We are now polishing the last few details and preparing the app for the security audit.

The app is a crypto wallet with many additional functions:

– Storing of multiple wallets with any crypto assets;
– Ability to quickly move assets between different wallets;
– Swapping 10set for ETH and ETH for 10set from within the app;
– Detailed 10set staking, showing various stats;
– Custom notifications after a certain staking threshold have been reached;
– The whole network and individual wallets statistics;
– Industry-standard security features to make sure your funds always stay safe.

Plus, more exciting features.

Today, we will also present how the app will look, as the designed part is now completed.

I hope you feel excited; the whole Tenset team surely does.
The beta version of the app is coming soon. Stay tuned!