Tenset Governance – Community Voting

The Tenset Governance [TG] has finally arrived! 

In order to respond to the community appeals and involve everyone in the decision-making process, Tenset management decided to develop a governance platform where token holders can vote over decisions that impact the future actions of the Tenset company. 

 When visiting, you can see what’s currently being decided upon, cast your votes, and see the results of already finished votes and polls. TG voting procedure is effortless and doesn’t require giving any personal data. Everything is done in blockchain, with the user’s ERC20 wallet acting as a unique identifier.


Connecting to the app


To vote, you must first connect to the governance app.

  1. Click on the “Connect Your Wallet” button.
  2. Your browser wallet will open a pop-up window asking you to sign the required connection to the app.

Once you’re connected, you can vote on Open questions.


Voting power


Each voting address will have a corresponding voting weight according to the number of 10sets held. Each account’s voting power is determined according to the rules below:

As stated in our Whitepaper, we wanted to build a fair system where users are rewarded for believing in Tenset and holding a more significant number of tokens. At the same time, smaller accounts won’t feel left behind.

The first question has already been posted, and we really want to know what do you think. So please let us know: “which blockchain would you like the 10SET token to migrate to next”?

We are also connecting our Tenset Governance platform with the recently created Tenset Gems platform. As a result, the 10set holders can participate in selected launches of other projects simply by holding the right amount of 10SETS and signing up for presales.

Innovation thrives in open communities, and now the future of TENSET is being written by YOU!