Tenset Infinity Airdrop

The moment that has been teased for several months has now arrived! We are very excited to reveal the Tenset ‘Infinity Airdrop’! This development brings game changing utility to the 10set token with a brand new avenue of passive income for our loyal holders! 

Infinity airdrop will allow investors to lock their 10set tokens, and in return they will receive an airdrop of multiple other tokens that are taking part in the Infinity pool. Tenset itself will be the first coin entering the Infinity Airdrop with a distribution of 10set tokens for 365 days!

There will be four options to lock your coins and join Infinity:

Bronze – Lock for 6 months (minimum 100 10set tokens)

Silver – Lock for 9 months (minimum 500 10set tokens) 10% bonus

Gold – Lock for 12 months (minimum 1,000 10set tokens) 15% bonus

Diamond – Lock for 24 months (minimum 2,000 10set tokens) 20% bonus

There is no maximum number of coins that you can lock in each level. Only the length of the lock period is fixed. (You can lock more than 100 tokens for 6 months in Bronze for example)

There will be a 5% bonus for all who lock their 10set within the first week to incentivize holders to join the Infinity program! This applies to all levels in the program – from Bronze to Diamond. The first airdrop prizes will start next week.

E.g. If a Bronze member locks, usually they wouldn’t participate in any bonus, but if they lock within the first seven days, a 5% bonus will apply. 

E.g2 If a Silver member locks in the first seven days, they will have in total 15% bonus (10% initial +  5% extra)

The principle of sharing the Airdrop pool

The rewards you receive for each token are dependent on the amount of 10set you lock, the total 10set locked in the platform, and the amount of tokens offered by the project to Infinity. The rewards are calculated on a weighting system that considers the amount of 10set you have locked, and the bonus % you receive. If you lock 1,000 coins and have a 10% bonus (Silver), then the system treats your holding as 1,100 (1,000 + 10%) when calculating your share of each airdrop.

How to become an infinity airdrop participant?

Holders can lock their 10set via the Tenset website at infinity.tenset.io. This must be done from an external wallet (such as Metamask, Trustwallet, etc) and not from an exchange. Locking is available for both Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain holders. 

The locking process transfers the 10set from the investor’s wallet to a secure smart contract address that will manage the tokens until the time comes to reclaim them. Standard network fees will apply for this locking (Ethereum for ERC20 10set, BNB for BEP20 10set).

Please note that the 2% transaction fees on all Tenset transactions also apply. In order to lock the minimum requirement for each level of Infinity, you must cover the 2% Tenset fee.

E.g. to lock 100 tokens for Bronze level, you must have 102 10set (100 + 2% fee).

Infinity airdrop bright future

We are delighted to be introducing this groundbreaking addition to the Tenset ecosystem. The utility of the 10set token is a major priority to us so we are constantly working to introduce new benefits and reward our loyal holders. We believe that the Infinity Airdrops will be very attractive to current holders and also attract new investors to purchase 10set.

Tenset is just the first token to participate in the Airdrop, there are many more projects that will be announced in the coming days. We plan to include tens of different crypto projects in the Infinity program to reward all our loyal holders who place their trust in us. This platform was developed solely with our community in mind as we look to bring value to our holders and expand the network.

There will be several different categories of projects featuring in the Infinity platform, ranging from Bronze up to Diamond, depending on a number of criteria. Projects that are placed in the Diamond category will have due diligence performed by Tenset to ensure a certain level of quality and potential for the project. This will consist of tokens that have not yet been listed and Tenset can support to develop.

The Tenset Gem Launch Platform enforces a far more robust system and standard required for any project to be admitted into the prestigious platform. Only the best of projects are handpicked to enter. Infinity does not guarantee the same level of due diligence to be accepted.

Disclaimer: Please note that Tenset does not take responsibility for the projects that feature in the Infinity platform. We do not provide Financial Advice and insist that all investors do their own research before investing additional funds in any project on top of the coins they receive via Airdrop. Tenset can not assure that the coins being Airdropped will maintain or increase their value going into the future.

It is essential to acknowledge the difference between this lock and the TGLP subscription, as these are two different services. Locking for TGLP gets you a 365-day subscription to the Gem platform and the opportunity to participate in all Gem launches during that year. This does not make you eligible for the Infinity airdrops. Similarly, locking 10set for the Infinity program does not make you eligible to participate in the TGLP.