Tenset legal opinion

An independent Legal Opinion confirms that 10set is not a security token. Door opener for the major exchanges.

Tenset has been examined by a top international Intellectual firm and received an official legal opinion.

Belenky law firm pllc, is a well-recognized, Houston-based law firm that specializes in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They always stay up to date on new global cryptocurrency developments, daily market news, and laws in relevant jurisdictions.

The Legal Opinion we received asserts that Tenset met the Howey test (created by U.S. Supreme Court), and 10set constitutes as not a security token.

The conclusion of the Legal Opinion:

1. TENSET token is unlikely to be deemed a “security” under applicable U.S. federal securities laws.

2. Trades of TENSET tokens may be subject to regulation under laws applicable to trading of commodities.

The Tenset project and management once again confirmed its transparency and complied with the applicable laws and requirements.

We have recently launched the 10set token on gate.io and have more CEX launches planned in the near future. Many exchanges can’t deal with security tokens as this poses some regulatory risks they may need to face along the way. This problem does not apply to Tenset anymore.

Having the legal opinion written by a very reputable international law firm is a sizable success for the team and the whole community.

This opens doors to top CEX listings; entering them will become much easier now.