The launch of Kanga Exchange on TGLP

We’ve been teasing this special event for the last couple of weeks, and today is finally time for the second Tenset gem to come to life. Tenset Gem Launch Platform (TGLP) is proudly presenting Kanga Exchange

Kanga Exchange is a dynamically developing system of tools and FinTech services designed to encourage and facilitate widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Kanga’s fundamental field of operations is the cryptocurrency exchange which was launched in September 2018.

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Please note that the details & instructions regarding the process of participating in IEO will be presented separately in dedicated news in next couple days.

Why we choose Kanga Exchange? Head down to letter from Tenset CEO

PS. Tenset Gem platform subscription back open for 72 hours.
Lock 3000 $10set now in order to get a chance join KNG IEO

Somewhere in the Galaxy.
So Why Kanga?
Oh guys this will be a long story. Sit down, open your google translators, open your soda and if you are working out then open your protein shakes and read.
Many of you are probably surprised because as you know Kanga Exchange has been our strategic partner since the beginning of Tenset.
If you are here since the presale then you know that part of the 10set tokens were sold during the IEO on Kanga Exchange.
But this is not the moment where I fell in love.
This happened a long time before. It was when I first used one of their physical exchanges in Poland. Yes, I stepped into the exchange, gave my 6 digit pin code from the Kanga app and withdrew money from USDT into cash. The transaction took maybe 20 seconds. I received my money and continued to stare at the clerk… after a few seconds he asked:
“May I help you with something more?”
I said: “That’s it?”
He answered: “Yes that’s it”
Yeah that was without KYC… just a 6 digit code… 20 seconds… cash in my hands.
I am super lucky that a few months after I personally met the owners of the exchange and made an IEO on their platform, they told me all of the details and opened my eyes. This is not just a typical exchange but a real crypto fintech that is going back to the true origins of cryptocurrency.
– No KYC for physical exchanges
– No KYC for deposit, trade or withdrawal of crypto – crypto on exchange
– Pushing mass adoption by simplifying the entire process of buying your first crypto in a physical space.
– Providing passive income solutions via their POS system.
For the first time I actually know how they are earning the money for these rewards, unlike 99% of platforms which offer huge % APY, but you wonder where this money is coming from.
  – Personal tokenization
  – Company tokenization
  – Billing module
  – Withdrawals at ATMs
(Here I wish to tell you more but this will be one of the news, very soon, and it will be mind blowing! Yes, mark my words – mind blowing.)
  – Ambassador / Referral program
  – IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)
  – No fees for internal transfers – what is more, it is done VIA EMAIL!!
  – And finally… the crown jewel – the all mighty KNG TOKEN
A token which works like a dividend. That’s right, Kanga Exchange shares with holders the full earnings of the exchange EVERY DAY! 100%!
The dividends depend on how many tokens you have which decides how big the % from daily income you will receive. SAME RULES FOR EVERYBODY, even to the owners and exchange. That is why KANGA has 4 000 000 KNG tokens on the POS system and is earning in the same way as all of us. In fact, this is how they are funding the salaries for their approx 50 employees who work full time.
The perfect business model. A business which is built by real crypto lovers with crypto in their blood and bones like me. I can clearly sense the type of people behind the project.
– And the cherry on the top… they have the support of the government and a legal opinion from the financial supervisory body (equivalent to the SEC in the US)
So imagine me when I met Slawek the CEO and Lukasz the CTO of Kanga for the first time. They told me this story, presented all the plans and ideas. I was so impressed, but I also had one lingering thought in my head – “this needs to be shared on a global scale, we need to expand, we need to think big”.
This thought followed me for the next few weeks. Then, one day I made a call to the guys and said: “Guys – Tenset wants to be a part of this project, we want to present you to the world because you can change a lot in the crypto space”.
After the call, I invited the guys to Albania and introduced them to people who will help expand  the business in the Balkan countries, open physical exchanges and probably in the near future provide trading pairs in their local currencies.
Me and Sławek (Kanga CEO)
Me and Sławek (Kanga CEO)
Later on, we flew to Dubai for several meetings to involve some serious players because as you may now understand, this is a huge project.
And ultimately I got a lot of people from the crypto space involved who will help in an official and unofficial way. All of them are strategic partners and all of them have a common goal. Make Kanga a key player.
I am not able to share everything with you in this short letter, but all you have to do is FOLLOW THE NEWS over the next few days and weeks. Day by day we will share everything we prepared for you. And you can be sure that you will be amazed.
In the next few days you will also understand how important Kanga is for Tenset holders. You, the 10set Army, will see how this will benefit Metahero and all future Gems. Kanga will be at the heart of the Tenset ecosystem and will be a key component of my grand vision.
I am pretty sure that Robert Gryn will share with you his insight too. The special struggle with manager listings from exchanges, and generally with all procedures from a project point of view… it’s a nightmare.
You can be sure that it’s no coincidence that CZ fires 90% of Binance’s listing managers for corruption and manipulation. Yes, there is a lot to change in this area. Kanga Exchange will focus on real, good projects, not just money for listings.
Many of you may say in the next few days: “But Jonasz, we need this and that coin on Kanga” – OF COURSE, and the folks at Kanga will deliver all of this over the next few weeks. Now is the time for building. Be with us from the beginning, and be rewarded later. For the first time, all of us can be the owners of an exchange and get passive income profits from the exchange. Do your analysis of how much CEXs earn, and you will understand what kind of rewards we are talking about here.
Guys, what can I tell you. Buckle up your seatbelts, because we are about to put things into overdrive. And this time, we are launching not a spaceship but a mothership. That mothership is Kanga.
Greetings from your humble CEO,