Connecting crypto startups with community

Tenset empowers the most promising projects with tech support, marketing, and attention of an active community.

Official Security Auditor and Marketing Provider of
Connecting crypto startups with community

Burns economics

Deflation is a core function of the Tenset project. 10set tokens are actively burned to reduce total supply using various powerful burning mechanisms.


Burned Today

1,046.8650 10SET

Total Burned

53,490,228.3258 10SET

Marketplace Burns

11,484,696 10SET

Other Burns

42,005,532.3258 10SET

Market Data

Initial Total Supply

210,000,000 10SET

Current Supply

156,509,771.6742 10SET

Project Supply

90,548,953 10SET

Total Locked

27,354,336 10SET

Current Circulation

38,606,482.6742 10SET

Collections of NFTs with lifetime access to TGLP

10set token stands on basic economics rules

2% of every 10set transaction is burned. Another 2% goes to Infinity.

Half of the Infinity fee goes to 10set token stakers, the other half to NFT stakers. The burn permanently reduces supply and rewards long term holders.

Tenset runs one of the top launchpads in crypto space

We use it to support buybacks and provide powerful utility for 10set token. Users get the opportunity to participate in launches.

Lock 10set token, get drops daily

By locking 10set in Infinity, you get daily drops from tens of different crypto projects on the platform, including the 10set token.

Projects previously launched by Tenset

Fame MMA

Fame MMA

CompletedExclusive Gem


CompletedExclusive Gem

Tenset for Business

Smart contract audits

Tenset helps projects across the blockchain ecosystem to ensure their protocols are ready for launch and built to protect users.

Smart contract development

Highly experienced blockchain developers can meet your contract creation desires.

UI/UX for crypto

Tenset product designers help blockchain projects gain traction and trust among the community.

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