The less assets out there, the more valuable they can get

Tenset employs a deflationary model to increase token value by reducing the supply over time. This mechanism is designed to enhance the scarcity and potential value of remaining tokens.

The less assets out there, the more valuable they can get

Scarcity Impact

The reduction of Tenset tokens through regular burns decreases the overall supply, leading to increased scarcity. As the supply diminishes, the remaining tokens become more valuable due to their limited availability, potentially driving up market demand and price.

+ 347.72%

Price increased


Tenset presale price


Tenset token current price

Sources of burns

Transaction Fee

A 4% tax is placed on all 10SET token transactions, with half of this being immediately burned.

Launchpad NFT

Users can burn their 10SET tokens in return for lifetime access to the launchpad.

Manual Swapback

10SET tokens are swapped for on PancakeSwap at strategic intervals and burned.

Automatic Swapback

10SET tokens are swapped for at regular intervals on DEX or CEX and burned.

Whale Hunt

Large holders make OTC deals to avoid market impact, with all tokens being burned.

NFT Marketplace

Certain NFT collections can be bought with 10SET token, with ALL proceeds being burned.

Burned monthly

1,090,003.40 tokens

Average Tokens Burned per Month

Tenset regularly burns tokens, permanently removing them from circulation. This process reduces the overall supply, increasing scarcity and potentially driving up the token's market value.

Burned yearly

Already burned

96 Lamborghini Huracán

$250,000 each

1,597 Rolex Submariner

$15,000 each

23,949 iPhone 15 Pro

$1,000 each


Total Burned
53,490,222.3498 10SET
Total Burned Value
23,948,695.8407 USDT
% of Current Circulation Supply

What’ve we done so far

We have burned a significant portion of the supply already using various measures like NFTs, transfer fee and manual burns.

Marketplace Burns

11,484,696 10SET

Other Burns

Deflation vs. Inflation

Unlike fiat currencies that often face inflation, Tenset’s deflationary strategy ensures a continuously decreasing supply, supporting long-term value appreciation. This contrasts with traditional economies where increasing supply can lead to devaluation.

The Map of Inflation Worldwide




37.1% Inflation



4.4% Inflation



7.6% Inflation



6.3% Inflation



0.3% Inflation

Most Tokens Have Vesting or Inflation Supply

Most Tokens Have Vesting or Inflation Supply



1.76% Inflation



13.21% Inflation



10.29% Inflation



3.46% Inflation

Tenset Supply Reduction

Reduction in supply


Current supply

156,509,777.65 tokens

Burned as of 7/23/2024

53,490,222.35 tokens


Burned Today

1,040.8890 10SET

Total Burned

53,490,222.3498 10SET

Marketplace Burns

11,484,696 10SET

Other Burns

42,005,526.3498 10SET

Market Data

Initial Total Supply

210,000,000 10SET

Current Supply

156,509,777.6502 10SET

Project Supply

90,548,953 10SET

Total Locked

27,354,336 10SET

Current Circulation

38,606,488.6502 10SET

Latest Burn

July swapback burn 4