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Everdome (DOME)


1.7 BNB = 619,348 DOME

Circulation supply

100,000,000,000 DOME



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Launch date


Max investment





12,785 BNB

Vesting Schedule

10% on TGE

90% over 365 days

ATH Since Launch


About the Gem

What is Everdome

Everdome introduces the digital frontier’s first hyper-realistic metaverse. They provide a destination for Metahero’s remarkable technology to live, interact and flourish. This fully ubiquitous web3 experience brings a point where users won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s not once they take off their VR headset.

Personal interviews by CEO of TENSET

As the CEO of Everdome is a strategic partner of Tenset, and also CEO of our previously launched Gem Metahero, we already have a strong relationship with him. The Tenset CEO is in regular contact with Rob Gryn and detailed discussions took place to give us a clear picture of the vision for Everdome and how they plan to achieve it.

Crypto Mayhem

Transparency and team experience

A crucial aspect considered in the TGLP vetting process is the transparency of the team working on the project. Fully disclosed public profiles of team members with a presence on social media is an essential factor for featuring as a Tenset Gem. After carefully researching the team behind Everdome, combined with the proven track record of Metahero, it was abundantly clear that this team contains the right motivation and experience to create a strong path for success.

Innovative product ensuring strong token utility

Everdome is providing an opportunity for everyone interested in a very real-to-life version of the metaverse. The hyper-realistic world will offer quality branding services for companies and brands, socialising for individuals and gaming features as well as professional capabilities for meetings and conferences. Any standard day-to-day task that takes place in the real world can now be performed in this new metaverse without losing it’s realistic and personal touch.


The virtual world is being created on Mars inside a massive dome where individuals and brands or companies can acquire digital assets and complete metaverse transactions. Users can purchase, rent and lease land or property inside the dome to expand their digital real-estate portfolio and obtain a passive income. Companies will be able to advertise their products and brand inside the metaverse and utilise the marketplace to increase their reach and customer base, whilst also allowing them to offer new types of products inside this exciting new world.

Crypto Mayhem


The metaverse is one of the hottest trends in recent times, with many of the largest brands and companies in the world announcing their intentions to expand into the virtual world such as Meta(Facebook), Disney, Apple, Microsoft, and more. This rapidly growing market offers projects the ability to target a variety of sectors including gaming, branding, social networks, medicine, fashion and investing. As the first of its kind offering a realistic virtual experience, Everdome is positioning itself firmly at the forefront of this huge market.

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Everdome is officially partnered with Metahero and Wolf Digital World, the creators of the next-generation metascanning technology. They are the gateway to the metaverse that will allow people and real world objects to be scanned into the digital world that Everdome is building. These partners will work hand in hand to support and provide additional utility to each project and ultimately establish the most realistic web3 experience in existence.

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Right from the beginning, Everdome is funding itself with $15 million seed funding from the CEO. This eliminated the need for fundraising, however, 2 presales were undertaken to collect funds for large liquidity on exchanges and support the community by rewarding early $HERO holders and TGLP subscribers. Self funding means that Everdome can fully focus on developing and delivering their product without having to seek financing from outside sources and lose control over their project.


All of the aspects discussed above outline why we believe the Everdome project has so much potential. This is why we decided to incubate them as the 3rd Tenset Gem and launch a presale for TGLP subscribers.

In addition, Tenset has made an investment into Everdome to place in the ETF 2.0 portfolio and secured a dedicated district inside Everdome’s virtual world, where the 10set token will be the payment currency for buying and renting land or property.

The descriptions above are by no means financial or investment advice. We encourage all individuals to perform their own due diligence before deciding to invest in the project.

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3,580 USDT


11,000,000 USDT

ATH Since Launch


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