Incubator is where innovative young projects come to flourish

This platform nurtures projects that are at an early stage of development. We offer various guidance and support so that they can develop and expand their projects.

Incubator is where innovative young projects come to flourish

Why Incubator matters?

Incubator welcomes projects that may not be directly launched by Tenset on the Gem platform but still contain considerable potential. These projects are introduced to the passionate Tenset community, and provide unique collaborations and opportunities for 10set users to participate in. This further bolsters Tenset's ultimate deflationary vision of burning as many 10set tokens as possible.

The lucky ones we help to grow

Alaska Gold Rush


P2E blockchain game with an immersive open world and exciting plot within the metaverse. Set in the late 1800s before the infamous Klondike gold rush, where players must survive the harsh lands of Alaska and collect gold.

Pirates of the Arrland

Arcade pirate metaverse combining modern video games with blockchain technology and NFTs. Players can take on quests to hunt for hidden treasures and face monsters, with Play2Earn features.

Crypto Mayhem

Exciting metaverse project with economic + strategy model combined with combot gameplay. Establish a colony on futuristic alien planet and enjoy the best of Grand Strategy and 3D Top-Down Shooter in this enjoyable P2E gameplay.

Do you want to be incubated by Tenset?

We can share our invaluable experience in this field and support your project from an early stage of development.

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