Aderlo - Gold sponsor


Aderlo - Gold sponsor

Tenset Infinity returns with the 69th airdrop and new Gold sponsor, Aderlo!

Aderlo is creating a new eCommerce ecosystem, aiming to revolutionize the way users experience online shopping. They are introducing blockchain technology so that every transaction can be meaningful.


Aderlo Cashback Coin (ACC) is the heart of their loyalty system. This token returns 1% of the value of each transaction as cashback, and also provides the opportunity to participate in the development of their ecosystem. When a customer buys a product, they receive points at 1%. If they do not use them, after 360 days they are taken away. 50% of this goes to POS users, 25% to ecosystem marketing, and the final 25% burned for deflation.


ECAT eCommerce is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that integrates online stores, marketplaces, and virtual worlds into one ecosystem. Their mission is to create a space where every purchase rewards the customer, supports sellers in developing their businesses, and the entire community benefits from blockchain transparency and security.

Aderlo Metaverse is a further extension of the ECAT eCommerce ecosystem, offering a unique shopping experience in the form of a Virtual Shopping Gallery.


An extensive roadmap is available on their website that details the planned releases of the eCommerce platform in many different jurisdictions this year.

As a Gold sponsor of the Infinity platform, Aderlo has donated 750 thousand tokens. The airdrop of ACC will be distributed over a period of 365 days to all users who locked their 10SET token on Infinity premium airdrops.

Note that the token has not launched yet. They are launching on Pancakeswap tomorrow, March 27. Users will begin to see rewards on the Infinity dashboard from today, but tokens cannot be withdrawn to their private wallet until next week.

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