Meme coin GEM arrives


Meme coin GEM arrives

It has been two years since the Tenset community started asking for a MEME coin in the 10SET ecosystem. Tenset's priority has always been to bet on projects with strong utility, technology, adoption, team, and long-term potential for success. You know how selective we have been in deciding these projects. Today the stars are aligning in the proper place for an exciting new adventure. Our official partner, BNBCHAIN, has provided an official statement about a meme coin event to support their ecosystem and called on us for support. We answered this call and combined our forces with the meme coin that has the most perspective, crazy tokenomics, followed by beautiful narration that fits Tenset's tradition and ideology. CATAMOTO, the name of the project, has a very ambitious plan to reach the top 100 CMC projects. How do they want to achieve this? Read on for a brief explanation and their plan for dominance of the meme market.

CATAMOTO is in possession of a very sophisticated and fully audited smart contract that will empower the long-term economy of the native token. CATAMOTO will be listed on DEX - Pancakeswap, where every single transaction (SWAP) will charge a 1% fee. This fee will be split into two transactions: 0.5% will go into automatic refuelling of liquidity, and 0.5% will go as a buyback fee for 10SET tokens. All these transactions will be stimulated by market players and potentially almost 20,000 BNB tokens! Yes, you heard that right. 10 separate smart contracts with about 2,000 BNB tokens each will be managed by a special smart contract, which will BUY/SELL(SWAP/SWAP) 24/7 CATAMOTO TOKENS and generate billions of volume and push the size of the liquidity! Initially, these wallets will just be funded with BNB from the presale, so buying of CATAMOTO will be the main task. Later, functionality will be added to incorporate buying and selling tokens to boost volume and subsequently the liquidity.

*As additional potential strategy, if great volume, strong community, and good capitalization is achieved, it will give us a chance for grants from BNB chain. ALL POTENTIAL GRANTS received from the meme coin battle will go where? Yes, you are right, straight into the automatic BUY/SELL wallets to increase volume even more!

But the idea of super powerful liquidity can only be achieved with a strong dedicated community and massive scale marketing, which is TENSET community and Tenset KOLs! Below, we are providing you with a timetable for the next steps right up to the listing day! Our ride began yesterday with the announcement and application into BNBCHAIN PROGRAM.


  • 8th April: Website presentation

  • 10th April: SPECIAL MEME AMA on Discord

  • 12th April: MEME SALE STAGE 1

  • 13th April: MEME SALE STAGE 2

  • 14th April: MEME SALE STAGE 3

  • 15th April: MEME STAGE SALE 4

  • 16th April listing details

  • 19th April: Official Listing on Pancake swap

All activities will be pushed by worldwide marketing and a dedicated 1000BNB KOL round for influencers. Total Raise: 19,900 BNB!!! 100% of FUNDS will be donated to liquidity and BUY/SELL smart contracts. Initial Liquidity will contain: 100BNB/ 100 000 000 CATAMOTO tokens WALLETS contain: 19 800BNB. All tokens will be 100% TGE. Total token supply will be 100% in CIRCULATION from day one! Sale will be divided into 4 stages: Liquidity on Pancake Swap will be 100% locked forever.

Strategy of adding 0.5% total supply in to liquidity, providing 99.5% of tokens to people hands and 19800BNB in to external wallets - will help to avoid sniper bots and prevent unfair practice which is often used by meme coin teams who add 100% liquidity, but then secretly buy back from the market a few % of total supply for themselves. Additionally, the 10 wallets which generate 24/7 volume, will transfer the entire contents of BNB and native token into the liquidity over time thanks to the 1% SWAP tax. Such a strategy will give everybody equal chances and will be 100% transparent.

1st Stage: Launchpad subscribers - 10,000 BNB, FAIR SHARE. 2nd Stage: Staking subscribers (minimum 30 days lock) 2,500 BNB, FAIR SHARE. 3rd Stage: 10SET token holders accordingly on the amount of tokens on wallet 5000 BNB, FAIR SHARE (eligible from 10 10SET tokens) 4th Stage: Zealy program participants who complete simple tasks 1500 BNB + UNSOLD TOKENS FROM PREVIOUS ROUNDS. FCFS

(5) KOLs special round for 1000 BNB. Trusted KOLs who will support the monster marketing campaign.


Below is a description of every stage in detail. Tenset launchpad subscribers will get access to all stages, not just Stage 1. Exact allocation amount will be shared in that stage’s sale info announcement, and follow the standard tier 1-5 structure.

Stage 1 - Tenset launchpad - 10,000 BNB. Fair share.

Access to this round is based on Tenset’s standard launchpad rules. There is a tier system ranging from 1-5. Users can subscribe by locking 10SET tokens, or acquiring a Tenset TGLP NFT. You can join by locking as little as 1,000 10SET tokens for 1 year, which grants you access to ALL launches during the period, not just CATAMOTO. This round will be a guaranteed allocation for all users on the launchpad, with the allocation size depending on the weighting of each tier. Higher tier = larger allocation. More details about the tiers and how to join can be found here:

Stage 2 - Tenset Infinity stakers - 2500 BNB. Fair share.

Access to this round is for stakers of the Tenset Infinity platform. Users who have a lock of 30 days or longer will be eligible to participate. It will be a guaranteed allocation round, with the allocation size depending on the number of tokens staked, and the duration of the lock period. You can stake 10SET tokens on to receive 10SET token rewards, airdrops from other crypto projects, and eligibility for this special round of sale.

Stage 3 - 10SET token holders - 5000 BNB. Fair share.

Access to this round is for 10SET token holders who have a minimum of 10 10SET, and have made a buy transaction with 10SET within the last 30 days before 13 April. If you hold 10SET tokens on your wallet but have not transacted recently, you only need to do a new small purchase to reactivate your eligibility. Only those who hold on a private wallet are eligible here (not a centralised exchange). It will be a guaranteed allocation round, with the allocation size depending on the number of 10SET tokens held on that wallet. 10SET token is based on the BNB chain and available for trading on PancakeSwap. Official Smart Contract Address: 0x1AE369A6AB222aFF166325B7b87Eb9aF06C86E57.

Stage 4 - Zealy campaign - 1500 BNB + unsold tokens from previous stages. FCFS

Access to this round is for users who participate in the Zealy campaign and complete some simple tasks to support the project. A new Zealy program will be created in the coming days. A minimum of 1500 BNB has been allocated to this round, which will be boosted by any unsold tokens from the previous 3 rounds. It will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Any unsold tokens after this round will be BURNED.

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