Token Data


Raiinmaker (COIIN)


0.35 USDC = 1 COIIN

Circulation supply

100,000,000 COIIN



Launch Data

Launch date


Max investment

405 USDC



Total Raise

750,000 USDC

Vesting Schedule

20% on TGE

80% unlocks over 8 month linear vesting

Claim Back Policy

7 days

About the Gem

What is Raiinmaker?

Raiinmaker is a Web3 and AI Technology Company that has developed the Raiinmaker DePIN AI App and the Coiin DePIN Protocol. The Coiin technology stack was developed to enable a seamless user experience for any person to access the value of a Web3 and AI powered Global Digital Economy. The company’s go to market strategy is focused on sports, gaming, entertainment, and the creator economy. Even non-technical users with no Blockchain IQ can run a DePIN node on the Coiin Network Protocol.


Coiin DePIN Protocol

The Coiin DePIN Protocol utilizes decentralized AI and scalable Web3 powered infrastructure to transform the distribution of value tied to authentic identity, data and behavior. Federated Hybrid Blockchain Protocol Architecture with features including Decentralized Identity, Behavior-Based Reputation System, Immutable Proof of User Identity and Network Activity, Third-Party Independent and Proxy Validator Nodes, Non Custodial Staking and Rewards, AI powered Customizable Smart Contracts, and a full Web3 Tool Kit.

Raiinmaker app

Mobile and Web App where users Earn Rewards for operating a Mobile DePIN Node and Training AI Models. Other features include AI Generative Art Content Creation, Decentralized Digital Identity, Interoperable with 30+ Blockchains for Rewards, NFT Minting, and App user Independent Validator DePIN Node capability for Coiin Network Protocol. The app is already available for download on both Apple and Google app stores.


Raiinmaker Architecture

Defining the creation and interaction of three blockchain layers to provide consensus and a spectrum of trust for verification of any data. The combined layers are used to promote continued improvement in user reputation via increased identity and behavior information on a trustless network. The architecture allows independent creation of multiple AI/ML behavior applications by network participants.

Team and Advisors

The founders and team have an impressive track record having worked with notable brands like Disney, Apple and Coinbase among many others. They also have an extensive list of well connected advisors supporting the project from both the web2 and web3 industry. You can find out more information about the team, their history and advisors on their website here: https://www.raiinmaker.com/about-us


Coiin token

Coiin is the native token for the protocol, with a total supply of 100 million tokens based on the BASE chain. It is used for transaction payments, NFT minting, premium services on Raiinmaker, Web 3 infrastructure API/SDK’s. It also features wallet staking and burning of the token.

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Launch date


Max investment

3,580 USDT


11,000,000 USDT

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Vesting Schedule

10% on TGE 90% over 365 days

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