Buyback time!

The Tenset company is in a superb financial position at the moment. The ETF 2.0 portfolio is performing strongly in the current market. The future gem launches and upgrades to the Tenset ecosystem will generate additional revenue for the project. As a result, we have decided to do an additional unplanned buyback for 400 BNB!
As you know, we recently completed the first company buyback of 500 ethereum, where 762,000 10set tokens were obtained on Uniswap and permanently burned! This was a great victory for our first buyback, however we are not stopping there!
This time, we will perform the buyback on the Binance Smart Chain to reward BEP20 10set holders. We will purchase 400 BNB of 10set through PancakeSwap and permanently burn it! 
The ETF 2.0 portfolio has been in full swing generating profits for several months now, passive income was sold to fund this buyback of 400 BNB. The second Gem , which will be revealed on 15 September , will bring enormous profits to Tenset that will then be used in future buybacks. You can expect the company buybacks to ramp up as our portfolio grows and new gems are launched.
As previously mentioned, we plan to complete company buybacks much more frequently than the quarterly period stated in our original roadmap. More details on this will be shared in the coming weeks. We appreciate your support Tenset army . There is a big few months ahead with significant upgrades and additions to the Tenset ecosystem!