Tenset Euro 2020 contest

Tenset is joining the football fever of the Euro 2020, or Euro 2021 to be more precise!
We have prepared another engaging activity for our beloved community; this time, it’s a contest with a very attractive prize pool.

We are giving away a total of 5000 10sets to five lucky people who will predict the winners of the Euro Cup.
All you need to do is vote on your pick by visiting our Governance platform.

Here are the rules:

  • Votes must be submitted by the end of Tuesday 15th June (23:59 ETC)
  • The minimum amount of 10sets held is 100; only people who are eligible to cast two votes will be able to participate in the contest and have the chance to win 10sets. Everyone can vote, but only people with at least two votes will be able to win.
  • The total prize pool is 5000 10sets. We will choose five people who guessed the winner correctly at random, and each person will win 1000sets.
  • The winners will be selected live after the Euro 2020 ends on our Youtube channel.
  • You can pick any team that you want; the most likely winners will probably get more votes, and therefore, users will have smaller chances of winning the prize. Anyone can come up with their own strategy ­čÖé
  • If there are fewer winners than 5, everyone who successfully guesses the winners will share the total prize pool.

The voting is already open; let’s have some fun 10set army!