TGLP – Everdome update

We have some exciting news to share with you about the 3rd gem. Everdome has released updated information describing their groundbreaking project!

You can head over to to check out v1.0 of their official website which is now live. Everdome breaks down the endless possibilities for their metaverse including the use of land and property, their synergy with Metahero as the gateway to the metaverse and the all-important tokenomics. The website is not to be missed as it further details an exhilarating roadmap which will no doubt bring their hyper-realistic world to the forefront of the metaverse world in 2022.

TGLP tokenomics

Everdome has a total supply of 100 billion tokens with the large majority of it being out of circulation. Tenset Gem Launch Platform has reserved 5% of the total supply which results in 5 billion tokens being offered to TGLP subscribers. This is a guaranteed allocation and will be shared equally among all subscribers.


The vesting for a purchase of Everdome in presale will unlock over a period of 50 weeks. 10% will initially be available, and the remaining 90% will unlock at a rate of 2% per week.

It is still possible to subscribe to TGLP now and get a guaranteed allocation in Everdome presale here: You can gain a year subscription by locking 10set.

Please stay tuned for the full presale details for Everdome to be announced soon, including the date of the sale and specific details how TGLP subscribers will be able to participate.